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For a complete list of open-source software, see my Github page.

R Packages

  • aqsr – Provides an R interface for accessing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Air Quality System (AQS) database.
  • bercs – Bayesian exposure-response curves in STAN. Implements hierarchical models for estimating exposure-response curves using pooled data and estimating long-term exposures from multiple short-term measurements.
  • spconf – Implements a method for computing the effective bandwidth, which can be used to select the amount of adjustment for unmeasured spatial confounding.
  • predkmeans – Implementation of the predictive k-means method, which performs clustering while incorporating external covariates. Designed primarily to improve accuracy when predicted cluster membership for unobserved locations. The motivating application was prediction of multipollutant profiles based on particulate matter components.
  • eshrink – Implements a method for selecting the penalty parameter in ridge regression and LASSO by minimizing estimated bias and variance.